Bye 2017, Hello 2018

2017 was a year of changes.

Lorraine started going to school, after a few weeks of tears and falling sick, grew to love her teachers and friends.

We got a helper, fired her, and got a new one.

I started working full time after taking care of Lorraine 24/7 for 19 months. I rented an office near home for my business.

It passed in another whirlwind, and Lorraine is now 2 😒.


I’ve never been the new year resolution type, but somehow this year I feel like joining in the fun.

Health – I hope to fall sick less often, and feel more energetic.

  • Eat healthy home cooked meals.
  • Flu shots.
  • Seven minute workout daily.

Family – I hope to spend quality time together with Keith & Lorraine, making memories that we will look back fondly on in the decades to come.

  • Plan weekly activities.
  • Allocate weekday time to spend with Lorraine.

Work – I hope I can finally make my business a business (as opposed to a glorified job), one that doesn’t become crippled once I am not around.

  • Hire employee for ops.
  • Rent out spare bedroom.

Toddlers are boring

It turns out that in order for my activity plans to work, other than Lorraine being interested the activity, *I* also need to be genuinely having fun. Else it just doesn’t work.

I had grand plans of painting rocks, exploring numbers, but just typing them brings a yawn.

And her idea of play nowadays consists of bringing our pumpkin balloon to me and saying it’s a monster. I have to pretend to be scared and run away from it. For about 50 times.

Is ok.

I just need to plan things that I personally enjoy too.

I’ll find them!

How loved am I?

Lorraine is eating her favourite supper snack of peanut butter bread. 

She was left with a tiny last piece and passed it to me. 

Me: Lorraine you don’t want the bread anymore? 

Lorraine: I luv u mummy hehehe.

Me: 😭

How is she so sweet. 😭

Challenge accepted

A recent conversation, while unpleasant, made me think about whether I am doing enough with Lorraine.

I spent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with her for the first 19 months of her life, but with the arrival of our amazing helper this July, I seem to have swung too far to the other end of the spectrum.

I threw myself into work, for 6 days a week. I still come home for lunch every day, and spend the evening with her, which is more than the time many full-time moms have, but it’s not quite the life I had envisioned.

I guess bonding and connecting, and creating a magical childhood full of precious memories, doesn’t quite happen by chance or coincidence. I guess it requires planning.

And so, plan, I shall. Of all the things I don’t quite excel at, I think I do pretty ok planning things. *looks at 3 page excel spreadsheet for housework schedule*

I planned a lot as a teenager but could never execute my numerous and extensive plans. I lose steam once the planning part ends and the doing part begins. I think 2 years of motherhood has ninja trained me. I can now adult and follow through with my plans pretty well, ha. We’ll finally see if my planning skills are any good at all.

History 101

^ Above we have an educational and informative display of a toddler performing CPR on a cat.

Fun fact: This domain is 10 years old. I registered it in 2007 (!), back when I was young and wenderelley, thinking wow an internet diary! That’s cOoL. Back then typing in alternate caps was cOoL.

I blogged about what I ate, what I wore, what I felt, everything, as a 20 year old does. Cringe-worthily, as a 20 year old does, for a few years (!), and then one day I accidentally deleted the entire site. Because I checked a box that I shouldn’t have, when I was trying to upgrade something on the site.

Surprisingly, I pretty much shrugged my shoulders and moved on. And a little while later, I restarted the site when I felt like writing again… and I did it again. Can you believe it. I deleted the site accidentally, again.

And then it happened a third time (good god what’s wrong with me).

… and a fourth. I know, I know.

So. If you ask me honestly, I have no clue when when this site will disappear due to the sheer magnitude of my stupidity and how it amazingly keeps on happening.

But each time I restart I feel an unjustified sense of optimism, that this time I will finally be not stupid. We’ll see.