My body broke out in rashes suddenly over Sunday night, and they are spreading and looking redder and angrier by the day.

Doc 1 said that it could be chicken pox, but it didn’t blister so that was ruled out.

Doc 2 said it was probably some sort of immune system response to a virus.

I also found out that my resting heart rate is incredibly high at 105. Sigh. I feel so sorry that I have been letting myself get stressed out and not prioritising my emotional well-being.

I thought that as long as I loved my work it wasn’t counted as stress. I guess I can still overwork myself even when it’s something I enjoy.

I’ve got to be more careful from now if I want to see Lorraine get married (if she does). Yes I’m the morbid sort.

Sigh. I hope the rashes subside soon. I really need to start exercising.

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