History 101

^ Above we have an educational and informative display of a toddler performing CPR on a cat.

Fun fact: This domain wenderella.com is 10 years old. I registered it in 2007 (!), back when I was young and wenderelley, thinking wow an internet diary! That’s cOoL. Back then typing in alternate caps was cOoL.

I blogged about what I ate, what I wore, what I felt, everything, as a 20 year old does. Cringe-worthily, as a 20 year old does, for a few years (!), and then one day I accidentally deleted the entire site. Because I checked a box that I shouldn’t have, when I was trying to upgrade something on the site.

Surprisingly, I pretty much shrugged my shoulders and moved on. And a little while later, I restarted the site when I felt like writing again… and I did it again. Can you believe it. I deleted the site accidentally, again.

And then it happened a third time (good god what’s wrong with me).

… and a fourth. I know, I know.

So. If you ask me honestly, I have no clue when when this site will disappear due to the sheer magnitude of my stupidity and how it amazingly keeps on happening.

But each time I restart I feel an unjustified sense of optimism, that this time I will finally be not stupid. We’ll see.

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