Cutting my own hair

Today I cut my own hair successfully with help from this Youtube video!

I’ve been cutting my own bangs for almost a year now, thanks to one too many hair salon disappointments. Haven’t gotten around to cutting the rest of my hair myself before, because I was scared that it would be too difficult.

I’ve obviously underestimated myself! Tee hee.

I even managed a blunt cut with long layers and everything, y’all. No more going to the hairdresser full of hope, and then coming out with an empty pocket and disaster hair.

I mean, would you just look at this!?


This monstrosity…. I paid $300 for this disaster of a haircut, along with a nonexistent “C-curl” perm and some “root perm” scam. LUL. Why don’t you just rob me instead.

For the record, this was how my hair was like before the cut. I’m no hair maestro, but I think my hair before the cut was infinitely better than afterwards, right!?


Anyway, that was in Feb 2014, and it marked the last time that I would trust anyone else to cut my hair. 

And now that I know for sure I can give myself a full haircut, yay! 

Oh and that bit about saving money? Double yay!

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