Lunch at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante


Today my mum brought me to Alkaff Mansion Ristorante at Telok Blangah for lunch, to celebrate my 29th birthday. :)

She chose it for its unique location and promising looking food.


The picturesque lawn makes a perfect backdrop for a garden wedding… if only Singapore’s weather wasn’t so scorching hot, sigh. 


Anyway, we got there at around 12pm and were one of the first customers to reach for their lunch service. The interior was quite charmingly decorated and had an old-world kinda feel.

The servers were polite and warm, and got me a big cushion to support my back when they noticed that I was pregnant. How sweet. :)


We had some bread to start our meal, and unlike other restaurants, this was served fresh, warm and fluffy. 


We got the set lunch which was priced at $36++, with a starter, main and dessert. Coffee/tea was not included in the set, which was disappointing. Considering wines were $10++ to add to the set, coffee/tea at an additional $8++ seemed like quite a ripoff. But oh well…


We both had mixed salad, which included light mozzarella, olives, oranges and greens. It was a refreshing contrast to the hot weather outside. Unfortunately, this is where I run out of good things to say about our meal.


My mum’s sea bass was nicely flavoured but miserably portioned, even for a small eater like her. The 3 minuscule slabs of fish hardly qualified for a main course.


I had the fish ravioli, which tasted so fishy/not fresh that I couldn’t stomach it and left it untouched after eating 2 pieces. The ravioli took up around 1/3 of the bowl, and the rest of the space was filled with tomato after tomato. Let’s just say I won’t be having tomatoes for a while now.

I wanted to return the dish, but the place was full and I probably would have had to wait for a long time for the replacement to arrive, so I just ate whatever I could. But really, the standard was quite bad.


Dessert was a hazelnut chocolate cake with some sort of creamy center, and it was alright I suppose. Nothing extraordinary but very edible.


We still had an overall pleasant experience, but it’s not somewhere I would return to very willingly, haha. Maybe I’ll give it another try one day before writing it off for good? Since I really love places with gardens/greenery.


And it has a whimsical large rocking chair outside too!



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