My experience as a banquet waitress


Being jobless now gives me the opportunity to try things I’ve never experienced, one of which is being a banquet waitress!

Yes I kind of missed the boat in my day, since most people try this job when they are 21 and below. 

But it’s basically now or never (well not quite but youknowwhatimean). With 24/7 of free time on my hand, I went for it! Is it a bit sad that this is something on my bucket list? Ha.

Anyway, I went for 2 days of waitressing over the past month, and I gotta say that it was an experience I never would have had if I just continued in my normal course of life.

My takeaways?

1. Banquet supervisors make terrific army sergeants.

From asking ppl to shush and giving death stares, they made me feel like quite the delinquent teenager again. Haha. I guess I’ve been an adult for so long that hearing “Excuse me, what is so funny at the back? Can you share with us?” was so novel!!! For the record, it wasn’t directed at me ok. Haha.

I was fascinated instead of intimidated when I heard that sentence, and felt like I was on a field trip titled Be A Teenager Again

I was also chastised by fellow auntie waitresses for using my phone. Omg… the days when using the phone was an offense. Ah… memories.

2. Physical stamina is needed to be a banquet waitresses.

There’s so much more than taking plates from the kitchen to the table. So… much… more.

I had to carry a tray with 2 glasses for almost 2 hours, and my arms felt like jelly afterwards, but that was during the pre-dinner cocktail, which meant that the real work hadn’t even started.

That huge-ass appetiser first course that’s served dramatically? THAT PLATE IS HEAVY, DUDE. And it has to be carried from the kitchen, to the waiting area outside the ballroom, and then to the table.

Then between each course? The serving plate, individual plates and any cutlery have to be stacked on a tray and some unlucky dude has to carry it on his shoulder from the table to the kitchen. 

3. Drinks don’t appear from the sky.

I will consider thoroughly next time before ordering any drink that’s not already served on the table. Everytime someone asked me innocently and without any intent to inconvenience me, “Can I have a glass of Coke, please?” meant I had to walk all the way out of the ballroom to the bar, ask the bartender to pour me a glass of coke, then walk all the way back to the table to serve it to the guest.

You better want that coke, lady. (Just kidding.)

4. A little consideration for waitresses goes a long way.

If a waitress is trying to pry herself between you and another guest to reach a plate that she’s trying to clear? It would be very, very nice if you would help, or maybe… move out of the way? Just a little? Maybe? 

5. There’s kind of an unspoken unity between serving staff (with a few exceptions). 

Maybe I’m just too jaded, but have people always been this friendly? Everyone was so nice and helpful! They would come to me and give me helpful pointers, and let me know what I needed to do and how to do it better. And really, they had no incentive to do that.

6. I look young.

Yes this is a humblebrag takeaway, ha. But to be thought that I look 21 from actual 21 year olds was a pretty nice feeling. Haha.

And to have a supervisor who doesn’t look a day above 22 call me 小妹, hahahaha. Highlight of the night or what. 

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