Wedding Dinner at The Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel

I attended a wedding of my JC classmate and his very sweet and pretty girlfriend (now wife) recently. Actually, she’s also from the same JC and has been attending so many of our gatherings that I think it’s more right to say that I attended a wedding of 2 friends. :)


A gratuitous selfie to start things rolling, haha. I made attempts to curl my hair before heading out, but the humidity and heat completely killed them before I even got into the cab. By the time I reached the wedding venue, my hair had turned into a mass of frizz. Ha.

It was a gorgeous wedding with beautiful details that the bride obviously put so much thought into. The dessert table looked so romantic and dreamlike!


The wedding favours were actually useful. Not an easy feat. Haha. I learned from a classmate that Molton Brown wedding favours were a standard feature of weddings at Fullerton. Nice!



The dishes were really good as well, and over 4 dishes featured abalone haha. Obviously, no expenses were spared. But I couldn’t really bite into the abalone with my sensitive teeth & braces, so my neighbour benefited from them.

I was a sobbing mess when they were doing their speeches too. :’) I mean, I’m usually already a sobbing mess at weddings. But it was on a larger magnitude this time. 

On hindsight, I wish I took more photos but I was too engrossed with eating and crying, so there are only 3 here… aiya.

Feel so happy for the 2 of them. â™¥ :’)

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