Celebratory dinner

I found out that my insurance claim for my surgery has been approved, after more than 2 months of waiting! It was news I had been waiting for, for way too long.

And of course, my reaction was to celebrate with food!


I really do believe that the most important ingredient and aspect of meal preparation, is a jolly good mood. Everything just flows! 

I even somehow got the inspiration to have a cheese platter at home.


In addition to my favourite cheeses emmental and gouda, I picked up camembert at the supermarket to try, and I am in love. It’s creamy and milky, without being too strong like blue cheese (which I just cannot get used to).

This is my dream cheese platter. Feta is there because the hubs likes it; I’m pretty neutral towards feta.

I also made spaghetti bolognese for the first time, although it’s such a basic dish.

The heavens must have been celebrating for me too, because the sauce looked too watery throughout the cooking process, but magically became the right consistency just as I wanted to toss it with the pasta.


This is a simple mixed greens salad with red wine vinaigrette. I wanted the entire meal to go with red wine, so I thought that red wine vinaigrette would make a lot of sense. Haha. Yes, my mind functions in the simplest of ways.

Last but not least, I saw a snail sausage at the supermarket for $1.70 and thought why not. So here it is! I added two blobs of horseradish mustard and american mustard on the side, as sauces.


Unfortunately, the taste was quite bland and the meat was tough. 

But it was still a great meal, and even my eccentric dishwasher decided to cooperate, so I didn’t need to wash the dishes afterwards!

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